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Houseman/Handyman/Driver needed in Putnam County, NY

Compensation: 90K-110K plus full benefits

Schedule: Five days, 40-50 hours a week, some weekends

Active family of four in Putnam County are in search of a Houseman/Handyman/Driver to maintain their properties and grounds. This role will include maintenance and handyman tasks, exterior cleaning, occasional interior cleaning, assist with gardening/landscape as needed, and driving the children/principals and errands.

Strong handyman skills are required. Light Maintenance of vehicles and machinery/tools, pool and pond maintenance, assisting with the landscape maintenance as requested, repairs, light carpentry, painting, plumbing, snow removal. Heavy Exterior Cleaning (Gutters, Windows, Patios, Terraces) and maintenance.

Candidate should have an eye for detail and organization skills. The ideal person will have a well-rounded skill set, experienced, efficient, professional and a self-starter with an easy and professional disposition.

Responsibilities and duties include but not limited to:

  • Chauffeuring of family members as requested and required

  • Maintaining of the family vehicles, including but not limited to cleaning, servicing, maintaining of gas, oil, vehicle fluids, inspections, taking vehicles to appropriate providers, etc

  • Managing outside vendors during servicing and coordination of said vendors for appropriate need

  • Handyman duties

  • Houseman duties, upkeep of interior (fireplace cleaning, mouse control, furniture moving, cleaning as necessary at seasonal home, seasonal items– ACs, water filtration), upkeep of garages and other storage areas on the property

  • Exterior duties including seasonal items- mosquito repellent, mucking, campsite, birdfeeders, snow removal, gutters, blowing of leaves

  • Checking in and maintenance of other properties including maintenance of landscape at other local residences

  • Seasonal opening and closing of Beach House

  • Firewood cutting for all respective properties that require firewood


  • Must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a similar role and setting

  • Must have long term, stellar and verifiable references

  • Must be local to the are

  • Must be well versed in navigating inside and outside the city of NY,


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