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Estate Manager

Property Manager

Property Caretaker

Personal Assistant

House Manager

Family Assistant

Baby Nurse

Governess, Tutor

Nanny, Manny

Lady's Maid,Valet 



Elderly Caregiver

Nurse, Aide

Major Domo

Lead Housekeeper

Executive Housekeeper




Domestic Couple

Cleaning Crew

White Apron

Private Chef

Sous Chef

Personal Cook

Kitchen Assistant

Party Planner

Line Cook


Event Staff

Specialty Professionals





White Glove Trainer

Professional Organizer

Office Matron


Legacies Staffing is a consulting and staffing agency, offering a wide array of services focused on, but not limited to, domestic settings. We offer a one-on-one custom service that most agencies fail to provide. To use your time and money efficiently, and to avoid miscommunication and confusion, we provide your own personal concierge that will spearhead your search and identify suitable candidates according to your needs. 


We are a full-service agency with extensive experience servicing individuals, families and fine homes -- and offices. We maintain a large network of well-vetted candidates for household, management and administrative roles. We diligently screen, process and recruit for each search based on the customer's needs. We help our clients focus on what is most important in their lives by providing a turnkey staffing service. Clients can rest assured that their positions will be filled with highly-qualified and dedicated employees. Our primary goal is to put your mind at ease!​


At Legacies Staffing, we pride ourselves in publishing our easy to understand terms and reasonable fees. While other companies vastly inflate your personnel costs, or confuse you with multiple fees, we charge a simple rate for each of our services, and some guarantee a free replacement. Providing temporary, short-term, temp-to-perm and long-term (permanent) placements. 


Temporary staffing is a great solution for those who need a flexible workforce. If your operations are seasonal or you take on short-term projects on a regular basis, temporary staffing can allow you to operate at peak efficiency regardless of your workload. We maintain a large network of pre-screened employees who are ready to begin work on short notice. This allows you to scale your staff number up when you need it, without having unnecessary personnel costs when things slow down.


Many employers have spent dozens of hours screening, interviewing and training a new employee, only to find that they are not the right fit once they are hired. This can lead to problems with a lack of productivity or low morale. Our company's temp-to-perm services allow you to avoid the hassle associated with finding and screening a candidate, and also gives you enough time to decide so that you can be sure your new employee is the right fit for your team. 


When you have an opening in a position that is critical, it is important that you find the right individual as quickly as possible. When you are responsible for running your entire household or business, it can be difficult to find the right person, and a quick decision can lead to the wrong hire. Our company is always on the lookout for highly-qualified candidates for domestic, management and administrative  roles. When you have an important opening to fill, we can immediately schedule interviews with candidates that we have personally screened and selected based on your requirements. 


Contact us for a FREE quote of your out of pocket cost.

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