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Executive/Head Housekeeper needed in Long Island, NY

Compensation: Highly competitive compensation package, 401K and HSA contribution, depending on experience and qualifications.

Schedule: Five days a week, 50 hours a week, including weekends. Flexibility in schedule highly preferred.


Supervises all housekeeping staff, plans and assigns work, give training for newly recruited employees, audit and inspects housekeeping assignment and requisition supplies. Take care of the budget and budget controlling for the department.

Responsibility & Authority:

  • Supervises and trains new hires and checks on the work of housekeeping staff.

  • Plans the work for the housekeeping staff and distributes assignments accordingly.

  • Assigns regular duties and special duties for the housekeeping staff.

  • Schedules employees according to the needs of the household.

  • Maintains a time logbook and calendar for all employees within the department.

  • Responsible for cleanliness, orderliness and appearance of the entire home

  • Ensure that every area of the home meets the museum quality and high standards

  • Organize and maintain inventories of household stock supplies

  • Develop and implement Housekeeping systems and procedures

  • Prepare reports for management information.

  • Assist Purchase department in selecting suppliers for items related to Housekeeping.

  • Attending and resolving principals’ and guests’ complaints.

  • Organize on-the job training and evaluate its effectiveness.

  • Approval of the Functional Manual of the household

  • Make recommendations to supervisors and take disciplinary actions when policies are not followed.

  • Recommend recruitment of new personnel, as needed.

Other Routine Responsibilities:

  • Daily inspection of the home and performing housekeeping duties as needed

  • Immediately attending to principals and guests requests.

  • Coordinating the preventive maintenance schedule of the home


  • Must have at least 5 years of experience in the same role and setting and with stellar and verifiable references.

  • Commands authority and great interpersonal skills

  • Strong Leadership abilities and organizational skills

  • Polished presentation and impeccable communication skills

  • Must be fluent in English and has a strong interpersonal skills.

  • A team player and a problem solver, thinks out of the box and able to look for operational efficiencies/synergies across the network

  • Must be willing to undergo an extensive and thorough background check.

  • Must have the ability see through tasks without supervision.

  • Must drive and has own car to get to work, and have a clean driving record.


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