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Legacies Staffing

The pillar of excellence in the field of Estate and Household Staffing

Legacies Staffing is a consulting and staffing agency, offering a wide array of services focused on, but not limited to, estate and household settings. We offer a one-on-one custom service that most agencies fail to provide. To use your time and money efficiently, and to avoid miscommunication and confusion, we provide your own personal concierge that will spearhead your search and identify suitable candidates according to your needs. 


We are a full-service agency with extensive experience servicing individuals, families and fine homes -- and offices. We maintain a large network of well-vetted candidates for household, management and administrative roles. We diligently screen, process and recruit for each search based on the customer's needs. We help our clients focus on what is most important in their lives by providing a turnkey staffing service. Clients can rest assured that their positions will be filled with highly-qualified and dedicated employees. Our primary goal is to put your mind at ease!​


Here at Legacies Staffing, we give everyone the respect, time and expertise they deserve when making delicate staffing choices. 

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Who We Are

Legacies Staffing is a collaboration of accomplished minds coming together, offering decades of professional experience in the domestic field. Equipped with education, training, integrity and compassion, we are also a proponent of diversity and equality. Inspired by heritage and culture handed down from generation to generation and applied to professional experience, our goal is to share our wealth of knowledge and provide the best service possible to all in need. ​


Meet The Team

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