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Hiring at Your Convenience


We provide a new feature, Legacies Direct Care, a comprehensive yet efficient process in hiring qualified and suitable personnel to take care of your family members and friends. With a few clicks of a button, you can book well-vetted personnel available for caregiving roles for infants, individuals with special needs and elderly.

Legacies Direct Care is managed by recruitment consultants with experience in successful placements for employment. We carry out our obligations with skill and care and to a standard in accordance with recognized codes of practice, relevant statutory obligations, and US labor laws. We maintain a large network of candidates and employers. We diligently screen and process each employer and candidate according to their needs. We provide the referral and placement of caregivers for full-time or part-time, long-term, short-term, or temporary employment.  

Meet The Caregivers

Find well-suited caregivers for your individual needs. Specializing in different cases and stages of care, whether for newborns, children and adults with special needs, senior care and companionship or end-of-life care.


We offer decades of professional experience in the caregiving field, equipped with education, training, integrity and compassion, and proponent of diversity and equality.


Inspired by heritage and culture handed down from generation-to-generation, applied to professional experience, sharing our wealth of knowledge and providing the best service possible to all in need. ​


Give everyone the time and respect they deserve when making delicate choices. Rest assured that your loved ones will be attended by qualified, nurturing, compassionate and dedicated caregivers.


Our primary goal is to put everyone's mind at ease!​


Putting every child, individual and elderly person's well-being in the forefront and entrusting them to capable, attentive, dedicated, compassionate, and caring hands. 

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