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White Glove Training

Training Program for Household Staff

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When devising a training program for your housekeeping staff, you need to cover a broad spectrum of areas to ensure that continuity and confidence is achieved. This is not an easy task to achieve! Establishing a common ground for the housekeeping staff to achieve the desired results. If a staff’s process is more efficient than another, then we will work to find the most effective way to approach that specific skill that everyone can benefit from. Everyone can continually learn and evolve, hone their skills and learn from each other. Areas of Focus: • Housekeeping Techniques – Deeper understanding of the employers’ needs, wants and lifestyle will allow for efficient and productive work. Better time management will earn better results. These techniques include, but not limited to, Cleaning, Laundering and Garment Care, Wardrobe organization, Proper handling and care of antiques, delicate surfaces, valuables and artwork, and general household care and appearance. • Equipment Care– From the mops, vacuum, brushes, and other cleaning and laundry equipment, these items should all be handled with proper care and attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Failure to do so can affect performance and decrease the lifespan of the product, costing the employers more due to replacements. • Products/Cleaning Chemicals – Correct product application and awareness of health and safety both for the staff and others around. Product knowledge and correct use ensures efficiency. • Maintenance – It is the housekeeping staff’s responsibility to report issues and monitor what needs repair inside or outside the property. From a broken TV remote, to a faulty light fixture. This awareness will help speed up any required repairs and minimize disruption in the household. • Etiquette & Interaction – The way the housekeeping staff react and interact with each other are key to a harmonious environment. Poor interactions or lack of etiquette will greatly affect this. During training we can teach your staff how to understand cultural differences, and how to approach body language and etiquette. • Presentation – Similar to etiquette, the way your staff present themselves reflects on the employer. • Communication – All teams no matter how small or large can improve their communication. It may be cultural differences, or it might simply be that the process they follow to communication is different from the other person or team members.

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