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COMPENSATION: 100-120K range salary plus Full benefits with health insurance, PTO and 401K are offered.

Schedule: Primarily 5 days per week

  • Core schedule for 17 weeks of summer (Memorial Day – Labor Day):

    • Wednesday through Sunday; off Monday and Tuesday

  • Core schedule for remaining 35 weeks of the year:

    • Saturday through Wednesday; off Thursday and Friday

  • Please note, schedule is always susceptible to change (things change quickly)

Private estate, situated on the North Shore of Long Island, seeks an experienced Private Chef to work full-time providing meal preparation and shopping for an active, multi-generational family on a large estate. The Chef’s schedule can vary at times but included 2 consecutive days off per week, including additional time for shopping. The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience working for high profile families and understand the level of service that is required.


  • Point person and manager for all food service, stocking, purchasing, and planning for the residence

  • Prepare, provide, and serve lunch and dinner daily for employers and lunch daily for residence staff

  • Always provide staple snacks and meals for the home

  • Lead some special events held at the residence from small to mid-sized dinner parties

  • Provide weekly menus for employers that meet owner's dietary needs and restrictions

  • Keep running record of favorite meals and recipes

  • Work continuously on new recipes and repertoire

  • Work as part of a residence team

  • Manage all aspects of the kitchen


  • Must have longevity and experience in a similar role

  • Must have a clean driving record

  • Will be open to feedback and improvements overall; flexible, collaborative, and amiable style

  • Upbeat and transparent personality a must

  • Must hold the utmost discretion and confidentiality standards

  • Flexible schedule a must, as hours may vary at times


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience working for a high profile family

  • Excellent culinary skills:

    • Cook for 3 people, plus occasional guests/parties up to 20

    • Does not cook for staff but ensure food is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Good attitude, kind, pleasant to work with, works with a smile eager to work



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